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commander dad and trannie son

commander dad and trannie son

Extract from my Book

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot
Shekhar Gupta
Capt Ankisha Awasthi

» Synopsis

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are unable to cope.

This is not a book to teach you how to get into an Aviation School or even how to live like a Pilot. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Aviator not just anAirplane Driver [ So called Pilot ] with very small changes in life.

Also Why abroad trained Pilots are better Aviator and Why FAA, CASA, CAAP, CAA are better civil Aviation Authority then DGCA. 

“Some people work for money, some people work for their livelihood.
But son the happiest is the one who work for themselves, who enjoy their work”. These words from my father made me more firm on my decision.
Yes, I wanted to be a Pilot like my father. I want to lead my life the way he does. How he stand tall in his uniform, takes responsibility of hundreds of soul in each flight followed by the marvellous landings. His office- the attractive cockpit, with those mysterious lights and gadgets. The attitude with which my father goes to his plane with that sliding bag. The runway lights, the airhostesses, the company car, everything surrounding my father makes me more bend towards this option.
Finally I declared it to my parents that I have chosen my field, and like father I too want to become a Commercial Pilot.
They gave mixed reaction. Mom looks glad and excited but my father, his face turned little serious. I wondered is he not happy or do he doubt my ability.
I asked “Dad, what you feel about my decision”.
He said-“Son I am happy with it, you took a mature decision, but let me clear you, flying plane is a serious business. It demands precision, responsibility, patience; you have to be active and alert, always! “
“Dad, I will take care. I am ready for the challenge” I responded.
And there on started everything. I was enrolled in the flying school in my city.
I was very confident about my performance, as my father is a flight commander. I have it in my blood!
With basic knowledge of wings, avionics, twisted propeller, engines through my dad, I knew I will excel here.
My instructor was pretty impressed in our first flight, he found me quite familiar with the instruments and the manuvers. Flying went well till one fine day, when we had rough weather. There were high cross winds and heavy turbulence. It became impossible for me to control that flight; I was struggling rather fighting with the winds to keep my plane stable. It seemed unattainable because of unavoidable conditions prevailing such as updrafts, downdrafts, crosswinds, turbulence. The plane was off the course most of the time. I was exhausted
I didn’t want to try more. Seeing me inactive my instructor went ballistic.
He scolded me loud, I tried hard again to control, I was little better this time, but again a sudden gust took me far off the course. Instrument needles kept dancing on their wish. We landed back.
My instructor on ground scolded me saying “You have to stay ahead of the plane, we can’t afford to let plane go off course and then correct. Correct it as soon as you feel it’s going off”. I want you to work harder from now.”
I quietly nodded my head and left the room. Clouds of disappointment took over me.
I wondered, I have aviators blood, how was I not able to control that plane.
Discouraged, I left for home.
While driving back I kept on thinking why I could not make it, inspite being son of such a great pilot. My father never has such poor flight performance then how could I have.
I narrated it all to him and said I don’t want this career option I m not enjoying it now. It’s impossible to control the plane.
My father looking in my eyes, said-“Son, This is not how we lead life. Our mind is not really that happy by comfort as it is by growing. Every flight will give you a lesson and you have to grow with it. See it as you life, in life we have to make goals. So in flight we have to decide our destination. You need a flightplan that you file before you begin and that you see to guide you on your journey. Similarly in life we have to plan out things for future to make them work.
And what you believe  , I don’t have bad conditions in flight ,no dear we too experience turbulence ,storms lightning ,and the earth’s magnetic field ,the plane tend to go off course all the time. Yet we announce before departure exact time of arrival and we do land at that time.
Son this is because we make countual course correction. Otherwise we will never make it. You have to be prepared for it in flight as well as for difficulties in life. And especially you must resolve in advance that you will keep going until you reach your destination. You can’t give up so easily like this”.
I was perplexed, deeply impressed by this connection of flights and life. That moment I rather felt proud of my decision and vowed to myself to lead my flight and life the way I should. That day I understood what really the aviators are.

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